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Dear Summer... [10 Aug 2011|02:12pm]

i'm out lj!
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Retro No Mo [16 Jun 2011|01:02pm]
the last 4 shoe pickups i've taken part of had nothing to do with retros. i LOVE retros, but my mans ty put me onto newer nike lines that are just too damn comfortable to pass up. couple that with hunting around at nike outlets and i've saved like 70% off of retail. after folding my ankle in beat ass jordan 3's i knew it was time to change. pics to come.
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2500. [16 Jun 2011|12:59pm]
i'm not good at much. but what i am good at is accomplishing firm goals that i set for myself. other than looking for alternate employment, once recent goal has been to lose weight. i went from a flabtastic 215 pounds down to 170. my best month of true weight loss (not water weight loss) was 16 pounds i believe. in a 3 month period i dropped close to 28 pounds. it was the hardest thing i've had to do in my life and the insanity program kicked my ass pretty bad. i'm no adonis but i'm pretty happy with how i look and feel about myself. now that my insanity program is finished i'm prolly going to tone it down to 2 sessions a week and throw in some basketball, agility ladder, staircase, and running exercises in my repertoire.

my newest challenge? taking 2500 jumpshots a week. my form while shooting is decent enough, but if i'm going to get back on the court i want to dedicate enough time to where i won't embarrass myself out there. or the dudes i play with for that matter. we'll see how that goes.
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Apologies to the Christian folks... [07 Jun 2011|10:39am]
but this "what do i do now" meme is fucking hilarious.

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Shoutouts [03 Jun 2011|06:16pm]
i started a new site and will give everyone i know details on it as soon as it's super official. i might update this blog as well and get an official url. we'll see. i guess it depends on if i keep feeling the need to just ramble on about shit,

in the meantime, enjoy blogs from my friends and family:

http://spyonpea.tumblr.com/ (my love)

highontheregular.tumblr.com/ (sister)

www.thewarfarecollective.com/ (funny white guy)

www.donpoppa.com/ (funny black guy)

wheretheforkami.com/ (tales of a foodie)

johngotty.tumblr.com/ (closest thing i have to family living in the south)

odotjdot.tumblr.com/ (surly weed smoking homeboy)

streetlightsandsandcastles.blogspot.com/ (uber homegirl)

jaccsparrow.tumblr.com/ (xbox and NT buddy)

gintel.tumblr.com/ (gin tells!)

clevercrackpot.com (business minded college friend)

and obviously one of the most important...


if i don't have yours listed here, it's prolly because we don't talk enough. you should let me know and change that.

as always, Big Fame One forever.
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